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Great packaging delivers on the fundamental aims of protecting and promoting the product it holds. It is estimated that 75% of buying decisions are made by shoppers in front of the shelf. Packaging is the most effective way of influencing consumer purchases. Cartons have a high-quality image, offer strong shelf impact with great environmental credentials and are highly regarded by consumers.

Harrison create innovative shapes and finishes, which combine to instantly attract and ensure brand recognition is maximised. Cartons have been proven to offer greater brand recognition than for products packed in plastics or other packaging materials.

The growing popularity of the internet ‘unboxing’ phenomenon means that a consumer experience when opening a product can strongly influence the on-going success of a product or brand. Harrison are increasingly using a diverse mix of innovative structure, material and coating combinations to enhance the tactile feel and opening experience for the recipient, eliciting the warm, emotional response needed to keep the consumer coming back for more.

We’ve been making a lasting impression with our customers for over 100 years, through our team, innovation and the quality of our work.

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