We are unrelenting and uncompromising

We are unrelenting and uncompromising in our pursuit of quality throughout our company, products and services. Our ethical and fair-minded approach is at the heart of everything we do. Driven by our constant curiosity, we never stop trying to find smarter ways to work.

Colour Management

Using the latest technology, we ensure that the best result is achieved and once this standard is agreed with our customers, we control the variables in the print process to ensure that consistency of the product is at the highest industry standards. Taking this data-driven approach means exact matches to digital proofs and Pantone digital spot colours within the tightest of tolerances. This has meant greater brand integrity, reduction in waste, improvement in efficiency but, most importantly, a very high level of customer satisfaction.


We pride ourselves on the quality of the products we manufacture and this has meant longstanding accreditations to ISO9001 and PS9000 formerly the Pharmaceutical Codes of Practice. Harrison were also among the first UK Carton Convertors to achieve BRC accreditation and continue to hold one of the highest AA ratings for direct food contact packaging.


Despite conforming to the highest quality standards available in the packaging industry, it is our culture of challenging ourselves and refusing to accept that a better way can’t be found which maintains the consistently high quality of our product. Coupled with our award-winning customer service, we aim to deliver product which exceeds expectations.


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Harrison PEFC 2018-01 / Harrison FSC 2018-01 / BSI Certificate / BRC Certificate


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